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Load Board International is a private freight load board. Our staff consists of experienced transportation professionals who are Trucking Company's, Freight Company's, and Shipping Experts. We are committed to providing the best possible freight board experience at a reasonable cost.

Due to our experience with freight & trucking companies along with high volume shipping we are able to provide you with the best freight rates (with multiple major trucking companies) while maintaining our commitment to providing you with the best customer service in the transportation industry.

Certain responsibilities lie with the shipper for all LTL and TL shipments. These responsibilities apply across the board with all freight carrier companies.

Proper packaging, address labeling, shipment loading and unloading, and proper shipment documents (BOL provided to you by carrier) are required by all carriers and are the responsibility of the shipper. These are things that your shipping agent will assist you with, but you can get a good idea here on the web site of what to expect, along with some resourceful ideas on packaging and other need-to-know info.


Packaging, in most cases, will be the main protection (insurance) against shipment damage (unless factory new/factory packed). All the insurance in the world won't protect an improperly packaged shipment from damage. The main thing to remember is to use your best judgment when packaging an item for shipment.

  • Delicate items should be packed on a stable base and covered in a way to eliminate exposure to scratching or dinging. Crating, pallets, and heavy gauge cardboard should be considered for delicate items.
  • Heavier items (like a cast iron stove, for example) wouldn't need to be packed so carefully, but mobility must still be kept in mind.

Your best judgment applies to packaging all the many millions of items currently being shipped across America. Don't worry; our shipping agents are available to assist you through the entire shipment process, from the moment you decide to ship until your shipment reaches its destination. Just give us a call!

Address Labeling

Proper address labeling is not that big of an issue; anyone who has ever mailed anything through the US Postal Service knows how to properly label a shipment. It's as simple as where it is coming from and where it is going to.

Shipment Loading and Unloading

Shipment loading and unloading is also the responsibility of the shipper. When using commercial or terminal locations with a loading dock, this is not an issue. But for residential pickup and/or delivery this is a detail to be considered. In many cases you may want to plan on having friends, relatives, or neighbors on standby to help with the loading and unloading. In some cases additional services such as lift gate may be required, but the additional costs are to be considered. Always remember a "truck driver" does just what the title implies: drive the truck. The driver is never responsible for loading or unloading, although under reasonable circumstances he or she may help. It all goes back to using your best judgment.

Shipping Documents

Proper shipping documents, presented to the driver at the point of origin, are also the responsibility of the shipper. These documents, along with simple instructions, will be made available to you by your shipping agent.


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Van Freight Load Board

A van freight load board is a list usually posted online. This list contains freight service companies with complete office address, contact person and contact numbers, different freight vehicles, mileage, freight drivers, day and time of availability and complete destination schedules from focal point to destination.

Free Or Paid Van Freight Load Board…

The list is easy to find online and you can choose one specific freight load board that will meet your need and requirements for the job. There are several load boards that do not charge at all. But if you want to find the best one to match your requirements, it is also advisable to choose the ones that require payment. You are the best judge to use paid or free load boards. Whatever the choice will be, drivers can avail added income from back hauls that can be done through the web load board options.

One distinction of van freight load boards with pay compared to free sites are the perks of minor but useful information. Like the weather condition of the journey (from the origin and destination location), road status, freight vehicle suggestions, directory lists and more. Complete information mentioned earlier must be in a reliable load board.

Advantages of Load Boards To Freight Service Companies and Freight Service Drivers…

This is how van freight load boards work for service companies and drivers. If one of the freight vehicles is bound for a job order elsewhere, it is a profitable move for the freight company to get a back load as it travels back to home base. The freight company clerk or even the driver can just open a load board site and choose among the listed jobs posted at the spur of the moment and try to contact the prospect clients that need the services of their freight truck vehicles. Negotiations will eventually take place once the customer is contacted. It might not be easy to get a back load customer, since there are requirements needed by the specific load to be transported or hauled. The price rates can also be a big factor to consider during the negotiations. Good customer service and reasonable price rates should always come in handy to get the backload job. It is important for the driver to get a back load job. Additional proceeds will be helpful in the various operational expenses incurred.

Van Freight Load Board…a big help if you have loads for hauling…

The Van Freight Load Board concept is a big help for people with loads ready for shipping or loading, urgent or not, headed to a specific destination. Locating for trucks and truck drivers is made easy by the load board sites…saving much time and effort in getting the right transport vehicle to match their loads.

Here's How Our Load Matching Systems Work To Find Freight or Freight Carrier Fast:

Thousands of companies and individuals that need to ship truck freight of all sizes (shippers) search our truck location board to find an available freight carrier to call the carrier direct.

Shipping members also post their available freight and contact info on our load boards (expedite, truck loads &LTL)for truck freight carriers to see and call them directly to deliver the load.

Our shipping members consist of individuals, manufacturers, freight brokers, freight forwarders, logistics companies, and member truck freight companies that have overflow freight.

We've been online since 1998 and not only have a great web presence, but we are also known to have great load boards to post on, and our truck location board is used extensively to find a truck freight carrier by freight shipping members.

Become a member and start looking for a truck freight carrier in the US or Canada to use our load matching, truck board and load boards system to find an expedited, general, or LTL truck freight carrier.

It's easy, fast, and can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Freight shipping members get access & unlimited use. The system is easy to use and very beneficial when needing to find an expedited, general, or LTL freight carrier

In turn, thousands of companies and individuals with trucks of all sizes (carriers) search our load boards to find available loads matching their criteria, and then call the person listing the load directly to work out load details, or bid on loads on our bid board.

Member carriers also list their available trucks by location on our Renegade truck board. Our shipping members find them and call our member carrier directly.

All available freight and truck posting's are real time and updated by our members all day long.

LoadBoardInternational.com offers truck posting, searches and load posting for equipment types such as: Sprinters, 1 ton Cargo Vans, Straight Trucks, Hot Shot (small flatbeds), Reefers, Power Only (semi tractor), full size Flatbeds, full size Vans (53' & 48'), and just about all types of freight truck.

Freight carrier membership has one set low $25.00 monthly fee for access, unlimited use, and other no hidden charges.

Our system is easy & fast to use. No technical know how required. Find freight or a carrier fast!

This is just a quick overview of how our load matching, truck location board, and load boards systems work. There are many more benefits and features.

Join today & see for yourself how LoadBoardInternational.com will benefit you or your business!

Our Mission

LoadBoardInternational.com will provide its members with the most comprehensive real time information about available expedited freight, LTL ( less than truckload), truck loads & trucks in North America. In achieving this objective, we strive to deliver the highest level of customer support and satisfy our clients needs better than the best of our load boards competitors.


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Quote Terms: Quotes are based upon information provided. If Info provided is not accurate, it is understood that the freight Class, NMFC# & Rate may change. LTL quotes are based upon the shipper using the Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation MC-550730 supplied Bill of Lading. If the shipper uses their own B/O/L, Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation MC-550730 reserves the right to be removed from the transaction with collect charges billed to the consignee. Unless payment for services is otherwise agreed upon, all rates are based on receiving payment within 21 days of the invoice. 


Disclaimer: Brokerage, Carrier and its affiliated companies are duly licensed by the appropriate governmental bodies either to perform interstate transportation services as a motor carrier or to arrange for transportation services by other authorized motor carriers as a broker. Pursuant to the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, when carrier transports shipper’s cargo on vehicles owned by or leased to carrier, such transportation service is provided by Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation MC-550730 or Renegade Heavy Haul MC-343884 under its motor carrier authority. Otherwise, when transportation of shipper’s cargo occurs by third party motor carrier, such transportation service is provided by Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation under its broker authority number MC-550730.